ASK ME...!

  • How long will it take to work on this project?

    the project is carried out in several stages which in total can take approximately 30 days depending on the project and its level of complexity. excludes:
    1. Saturdays and Sundays.
    2. Consultation and revision days.
    3. Upload days to the App Store and Google Play

  • Is a Timeline project?

    There is. A project timeline will be provided after the agreement is made. For an overview, see the cost page

  • What materials must be prepared?

    All material that you want to display in the application will be in the form of images, photos, data, and others.

  • Native or Hybrid apps ?

    All applications created are native, not templates. The application created adapts to the UI design created

  • What is the package? What is the price for an App?

    There is. Please contact

  • What are the working hours?

    work on :

    1 day = 7 hours

    1 week = 35 hours

    1 month = 120 hours

  • What did I get from this project?

    Native Apps, UI design files, process data, editing, animation and upload results to the server. For all the data, I will send it to your email address.

  • Do I get all the Source Code from this project?

    Yes, but source code can be obtained by mutual agreement.

  • Is there a guarantee given from this project?

    Yes, I helped with maintenance for 1 month.

  • How is the payment system?

    Payment can be made by transfer to Local bank, PayPal, Payoner or other

  • How many Revisions in this project?

    This project is divided into several stages. After each stage, revisions and discussions can be submitted. for the detailed process, I will give it after the project starts.